Most children enjoy baking, getting their hands messy, seeing their creations come out of the oven to share with their family, but for those who are not so interested or who loose interest easily here are our top tips to make it more fun. Above all it is a fantastic activity to do with your children it develops their self confidence, math & literacy skills, hand eye co-ordination.

  • With older kids involve them in the decision of what you are going to make, if they are not interested in what they are going to make then they are more likely to loose interest. Set them a challenge when baking with older children or have a family bake off!
  • Capture their attention with something fun ie.
    • Colourful cupcakes
    • Stamping out fun biscuit shapes
    • Let them decorate the cakes or biscuits themselves, let their creation go wild!
  • For younger children have the ingredients already weighed out, younger children can soon loose interest if you are searching the cupboards for the ingredients.
  • Let them weigh out some of the ingredients themselves, it is great practice for their math skills.
  • Choose a simple recipe to begin with, especially for younger children their attention span is short so an easy recipe that is simple to follow is key!
  • Talk to them about the recipe, about the shapes they are using, the tastes and textures and turn it in to a game.
  • As parents we always worry about the mess they make, but try not to stress it can be cleaned up afterwards and you can control the mess by giving them the ingredients in smaller containers to weigh out.


For some fun recipe ideas download our Fun Baking for Kids Recipe booklet here: Easy Baking for Kids Recipe Booklet 

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